From the very beginning, Bhoj Shodh Sansthan focuses mainly on Educational Development, Literacy Research, Health Development work for the society.

Educational Development

Our organization Bhoj Shodh Sansthan focuses mainly on educational development for the common people. In our country, many people can’t get the chance for education. Here, we are trying hard to give minimum education to them and increase the literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh. People from deprived and backward class come to us and we encourage them as well as teach them to know about their rights. If the unprivileged class of people doesn’t know how to read and write they will never know what is doing wrong with them. So, we should make them aware and let them know that to get those facilities they must have the proper education.

Literacy Research

Everyday some languages are abolishing from our earth. Now, it’s in our hands to stop this. We consider that it is our duty to protect our mother tongue and our own languages from getting abolished. We set up a library without any Govt. grant. We organize poet conferences, research seminars and literacy campaigns for the common people. We get so much of appreciation in this segment and we are toiling hard for new achievements.

Health Development

Our foundation has started the new Initiative named “Super 60+”. In this program, senior citizens will get free medical health checkup from medical clinics and camps. Many health camps have been organized by the foundation in schools & hostels for health awareness and health regarding issues. We also have a nursing team who are professionally best and working hard. In spite of this, we organize awareness camps in nearby localities for the prevention of diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. Indigent people are getting help and all the necessary facilities from these health clinics and camps.