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About Us

Bhoj Shodh Sansthan Dhar is a non-profitable organization in Madhya Pradesh. We are registered by Registrar Societies Indore with registration no. 03/28/01/12475/10 dated 4 FEB 2010 and our Indian Government Niti Aayog NGO registration No is MP/2013/0062359. Though the main working area of our organization is Madhya Pradesh our focus area is in tribal-dominated Dhar. There is our head office also.

Our Projects

Educational development

Our organisation Bhoj Shodh Sansthan focuses mainly in educational development for the common people. In our country many people can’t get the chance for education. Here we are trying hard to give minimum education  to them and increase the literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh. 

Literacy Research

Everyday some languages are abolishing from our earth. Now, it’s in our hands to prevent this. We consider that, It is our duty to protect our mother tongue and our own languages from getting abolished. We set up a library without any govt. Grant.  

Health Development

Our foundation has started the new Initiative named “Super 60+”. In this program, senior citizens of the society will get free medical health checkup from medical clinics and camps. 


The main objective of our organisation is to sum up all kinds of people from different backgrounds under one roof and educate them all. We also want to work for the welfare and well-being of everyone.


The mission of our organisation is to provide a sustainable development in education for the common people. We also promote in research work to know about the significance and value of our own language.


There are so many ancient books which are slowly abolishing. But it’s our vision to protect them and for doing this task our organisation is working hard. In near future we want to see our organisation is a different level.



Your Donation could help children get access to quality education

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Our foundation Bhoj Shodh Sansthan is a non-profitable organisation in Madhya Pradesh and working for the last ten years. We promote literacy and work for protecting our own language. If you think that we are doing something great, then don’t feel shy to help us. Your help is your donation. Donate us with all your heart.



Your support could help a needy child to access quality Food & Shelter.

The Achievements of BHOJ SHODH SANSTHAN

The BHOJ SHODH SANSTHAN has established a library without any aid by government which contains 1700 books pertaining to social, culture, history and literature. The library is enriched with 17 rare books collected from different sources. The organization has its own computer, laptop, printer, film projector and sound system which are essential for its activities. The organization has so far displayed many art exhibitions.

Apart from collection and conservation of BHOJ literature to provide a stage to poets and writers of MALWA and NIMAR regions of Madhya Pradesh. The organization is benefited with publishing of an annual magazine named YASHDHARA since 2007. Last year the seventh issue was published successfully.


Our Recent Work

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Our Achievement

Educational Development

Literacy Research

Health Development

Other Activities

Our Member

Mr. Vinayak Sakle

Mr. Vinayak Sakle

Mr. Parag Bhonsle

Mr. Parag Bhonsle

Dr. Dependra Sharma

Dr. Dependra Sharma

Director / Secretary